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Wait, what!?!? SmogCon 2018? Wasn't 2017 the end of the show?

We thought so too, but things change. It turns out there is life in the show yet. In fact, we are taking it to the next level, bringing in new games, new people and the opportunity to expand and improve the show like never before.

What happened to Privateer Press and Lock and Load: Europe?

SmogCon is once again a fully independent show. Privateer Press’s plans with Lock and Load:Europe are outside of our remit and we have no formal or informal involvement in the event.

Does that mean no Privateer Press at SmogCon 2018?

We would love to have Privateer Press continue to be involved with the show. At this time we have no specific details, but we will announce all partners, sponsors and supporters of the show in due course.

What is staying the same for 2018?

SmogCon will continue to feature Privateer Press games and events as a huge part of its schedule. We started this whole thing to celebrate Privateer Press games, and bring players from across the world together to play them. As such, we will continue to have a busy competitive and casual schedule with Warmachine and Hordes front and centre.

The SmogPit will return, allowing attendees to grab a table and play some pickup games against other attendees. This will allow them to earn points to put towards prizes.

Also returning, the Golden Thrall painting competition will allow painters to show off their skills and earn the coveted Golden Thrall coins.

We will also be bringing our board game library along, so when you tire of the cut and thrust of miniature warfare, you can grab a drink and settle in to some relaxed social gaming.

And what is changing?

Put simply, growth. We want the show to expand and attract old friends and new, who might want to play something other than Privateer Press games. As such, we are currently reaching out community leaders and  wargaming companies and inviting them and their fans along to the show.

We aim to have a major presence for all the big name games on the scene at the moment, as well as offering a platform for games to launch and smaller companies to grab some limelight (remember those scrappy young fellows from Steam Forged, way back in year three)?  If there is a game you want to see played, or an event organiser you think might be a great fit for the show, send their details our way.

We will also be expanding the vendor space at the show, inviting companies to trade at the show (and hopefully bring all those cool show exclusives that are so elusive).

Plans are already well underway, and we will be announcing the lineup of community stars and their planned events, as well as introducing the new show partners in the near future.

Sounds great, when and where is the show?

We will be returning to the Birmingham Hilton Metropole as per 2017. Dates are set as Friday 16th February – Sunday 18th February.

How do I find out more information?

Keep an eye on the website for updates, follow us on Twitter @SmogCon and like us on Facebook at SmogCon.

More details and the event schedule will be posted in the near future, along with ticket information and how to book your hotel room and help support the show.before.